Monday, December 19, 2011

Wrights reach the sky

On 17 December 1903, the Wright brothers made their first flight.  Brothers, Orville and Wilbur had worked for a long time and must have had many faliures.  Unfortunately the brothers, while very famous, seem to be cast into the shadows.  They have acheived a great thing.  This Christmas season millions of people will use the mode of transport that has eventuated from that first flight of less than two hundred feet.  People will travel thousands of miles to visit family and friends on opposite sides of the world.  They will holiday in exotic destinations after sitting in an aeroplane, drinking soft drink and snacking on nuts. 

I wonder if the Wright brothers could ever have imagined the monumental change that their flying machine would make.  I am sure that they knew it was significant.  I am sure that they realised how they had truly defied gravity.  I am sure that they we incredibly proud of their acheivement.  But did they really know for sure that their little invention would change the world? 

People would have laughed at them.  People would have told them to stop wasting their time on childish dreams.  They would have been ignored.  But on 17 December 1903, they flew in their air and their dream came true.  It wasn't just a brilliant acheivement for themselves, but for all of mankind.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world.  It has changed the world considerable.  Christmas celebrations in themselves have changed considerably since the first celebration.  It occurs to me that the real ife characters of the Christmas story knew that they were part of something amazing.  Could they have imagined that the events of that special night would be told and retold again and again in hundreds of languages in hundreds of lands?  Could they have possibly understood the true magnitude of the night?

Let me get to the point.  We all have a part to play.  We can not possibly understand what a huge difference our little life may make.  So, never underestimate what you do, or how it can effect others.  At the same time, don't dwell on the consquences.  You can never know what a difference you can make, so don't try to predict it.  We all can make a difference! 

You may not invent an aeroplane, or give birth to the Son of God, but you just might do something amazing.