Saturday, November 19, 2011

Questions... especially Why?

I am one of those people who asks a lot of questions.  I even ask if I am able to ask a question.  My tendency towards curiosity (usually for no apparent reason) seems to annoy people, especially those closest to me.  I think when I get to know someone, my curiosity grows and my censorship shrinks.  In short, I am less afraid to ask questions of those I am close to whereas I might hold back if I don't know someone well. 

I digress... already!

Questions are an important part of the learning process.  Our inquisitiveness and curiosity are the cornerstones of technological devleopment, scientific discovery and the understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Experts agree on this, however I can not remember any of their names.  Hang on... I will google it for you.  Here you go.. if you are super interested these two links will tell you more.

Questioning can be a productive and useful exercise for the learner trying to understand the world around them.  It is also helpful for extracting finite amounts of information from a knowledgeable source.  For example:
Why is the sky blue?
Where should I put my new books?
What are we having for dinner?
Where can I buy milk?
Which bus will I take to get to school?
What is 4x5?
Can you explain it so I understand?

However, questioning can also be a counter-productive and ultimately frustrating endeavour.  Especially when there is no truly correct answer.  For example:
Why did Dad leave when I was 6?
What on earth was I thinking?
How is this my fault?
How can I make it better?
Why can't I make it better?
Why don't you love me anymore?
Where did I go wrong?
Is it my fault?
Why do the other kids laugh at me when I talk?
Why can't I do that?
What am I afraid of?
Why is it so unfair?
Why me?
When will it end?
Who could love me?
What will I do?
Why don't I understand?
Why am I different?

The frustrating, unanswerable questions are infinite.  I could go on forever.  Don't worry, I won't. 

My point is that we can spend a lifetime wondering and questioning our current "status" or we can live our "status" instead.  Don't ever stop asking questions... because that is how we begin to understand and grow and learn... don't ever be afraid to ask...but recognise that some questions will never have an answer to satisfy you or ease your mind. 

In short...

PS Thanks Bestie: for at least trying to answer my questions, for helping me choose the ones to hold to, for helping me let go of the others and, for teaching me "when there is doubt there is Google"!