Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stupid Science of Spelling

It has been a while since a Wednesday Word has popped up on the radar but here it is.

I was reading a text book called "The Science of Spelling" the other day.  It is actually a very good book (although a bit dry) and has some very useful information.  But I digress.  On page ONE I read a word that I didn't know.  When you start reading a book and you are finding unfamiliar words on the first page or two this is not a good sign.  In fact, if one of my students was struggling with words in the first few pages I would probably tell them to choose another book!  So, don't I feel clever  (note the facetious tone)!  The word and definition are below.  If you are one of those people who actually uses this word in everyday conversation, I have one thing to say to you..."find another word because no one knows what on earth you are talking about!"
aver (ə vʉr)

transitive verb averred averred′averring aver′·ring
  1. to declare to be true; state positively; affirm
  2. LAW to state or declare formally; assert; allege