Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Far This Week

While my little story may seem a little "Rainman".... I am not ASD... well I haven't been officially diagnosed!  So this week, I have managed to jam my hand in the shower door, walk into my bed, kick my toe on a door jamb, hit my head on a number of objects, trip over an electrical chord, drop my pencil case, scratch a child or two, catch my finger in a door that was slamming, burn my knee on an oven tray and lose my private health card!
I might add that all of these were accidents.  The children have forgiven me... and compared to the things that I have had thrown at me by kids (i.e. jumpers, pencils, rulers, erasers, chairs) a tiny accidental scratch is nothing!!!

However, my finger, my knee, my head and my hand are having difficulty forgiving me.  In fact they all got together the other night and decided it was time I have a laughing fit and hurt two of my ribs... nice of them huh?

Anyway, that is all I have to say on the matter.  Although, you may want to be careful. I will be in public a good seven or eight times next week and clearly... I'm dangerous!

;) Be thankful I haven't told you what I really got up to this week!!!