Monday, March 28, 2011

Mr 10 year old... AKA number 1

Today Mr 10 year old turned 11.  So I suppose I should stop calling him Mr TYO!   Okay, so I was just (about an hour ago) on the phone with Mr 11 and we had a great chat about.. wait for it... BOOKS!!!  Can you believe it?  My 11 y.o. nephew actually started and continued to engage in a conversation with his (daggy old) Aunty about books. We talked about cool books, boring books, books he would like to borrow from me, books he would like to buy, authors and where to find reading material on the internet.  Then his father discovered him sitting in front of the computer talking on the phone- (unbeknownst to me) the birthday boy had lost his computer privileges- and our conversation came to a swift halt.

Anyway, I was over the moon that my nephew wants to read and that he is willing to tell me (sometimes brutally) honestly what he thinks of a book.  I soon discover if my latest gifts (usually books) are "cool" or "boring!" In my eyes, this is awesome because the only way I will get better at book buying and my "real job" is to have a "spy" on the inside!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kiddo!  and thanks for the website link, I found heaps of cool stuff and even some (daggy old) Teacher stuff!  ; D  she's a great Australian author of children's picture books, young adult fiction and non-fiction for everyone, if you can't find a Jackie French book that you like, then there is no hope for you at all (lol)!