Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women's Day

This week the world celebrated Women's Day.  A day that is supposed to celebrate the opportunities that are available for women today.  A day to acknowledge the many women who paved the way for younger generations of women.  We sometimes forget how lucky we are to choose our own husband/ partner, vote in elections and preach in churches.  We are no longer property to be passed from our fathers to our husbands.  We are no longer considered too meek and emotional to have a sensible opinion about politics.  The mothers, and indeed wives, of our greatest leaders have finally been acknowledged for their love and devotion to their children and husbands.  

I am taking this opportunity to thank all the women in my life.  Young, Old and somewhere in between: you have all contributed somehow.  My identity has been shaped by you; my mother, grandmothers, aunties, sister, girlfriends, teachers, youth leaders, physio, doctor, co-workers and students.  You have all taught me something.  When to speak up and when to be silent.  When to stay and when to go.  How to smile when you want to cry.  How to pray in every circumstance.  How to care.  But especially to be thankful that I have a career, I went to university, I can vote and I am an equal to everyone else in the eyes of my God.  They taught me that God loves His Daughters!

I thank God for the women in my life.  The ones that have come and gone.  The ones that are still here.  The ones who are yet to come.  Lord, my sisters and I am truly blessed!