Friday, February 18, 2011

Sounds of the Seventh

This one was written for No. 2 who is celebrating his 7th birthday.  When writing this one, I tried to think of what a 7 year old would hear on their birthday.  Here's what made the cut. 

"Good Morning, Baby,
Happy Birthday Darling"
Bam, footsteps, Sssshhhh.
Haha, hehehe, squeak, heeheehee
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, squeak...
"Oopps.... don't touch the balloons!"

Bbbrring - Bbbrrring, Bbrring-bbbring
"Where's the Birthday boy? 
Someone's on the phone for you!"

"Hey Kiddo, Happy Birthday.... did you get any cool presents?
I hope you have a nice day!... Bye bye"

Ring, Ring..."another phone call!"
"Happy Birthday, Tiger, How old are you today? 
Seven! Goodness Gracious Me! Are you sure?
Well, if you say so!  I will be coming over later with your present.  
Be good!"

Knock, Knock, Tap, Tap,
"It's Grandma, she's at the door!"
"Hey, Mr 7 year old! What did you get for your Birthday?"
"Wow, that is Cool! But I think I have something way better...
Here you go mate!"
"Oh, Mum... you didn't have to... Say thank you, honey!"

Knock, Knock
"Where's the coolest 7 year old on the planet?
Well there he is! Happy Birthday! 
This needs batteries."
Scrunch, rip, snap, la-la-la-la-laaa

"Time for Cake..."
"Happy Birthday to you...
Make a wi-ish"
hooo, hooo, hoo.  
"Don't touch the bottom!"
"Mmmm Yum!"
"Thanks Mum"
"Thanks Grandma"
"Thanks Dad"

Rrring, Rrring, Rrring
"My little man.... did you have a good day?
It sounds like you were very busy!  Happy Birthday,
See ya later Buddy!"

"Okay, my big boy.... time for bed!
Good night!"

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