Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Poem by a Friend

This Poem was written by a very good friend of mine and she has so very kindly allowed me to publish it here.  I am very grateful for her love and support and this wonderful gift that God has given her.  I truly believe this writing is God inspired and I am so glad that my lovely friend also gives God the glory while sharing her work.   

God's Word inspires our faith:
Acknowledge and revere God: - Jeremiah 10:6 – 16, 23-25a; 1 Chronicles 29:10-13.  


Wake up and know that I am God!
Honour and revere My Name!
Turn from your unbelief and shame!
Turn to Me and worship Me again!”

Can you not hear Him crying in pain?
Crying through cyclones, droughts and rain?
Wars and earthquakes freeze and flood?
Raging fires and sliding mud?

All through these times, these words were versed:
Prepare your homes -- prepare for the worst!
Secure your things -- make haste! -- take flight
to safer ground where you’ll be all right!”

I can’t explain my feelings – too much to comprehend!
Fear and terror – unbelief and grief as floods ascend.
And then the mighty cyclone raised its ugly head
And all who watched and waited thought many would be dead!

New meaning of “the fear of God” took hold of me that day.
I knew He was unhappy and I knelt to Him to pray.
All things are in the Father’s hands. – Yes, He is in control!
His mighty hands, - His heart of love henceforth from pole to pole.
Many lives were saved from disaster
As prayers went up to God, our master.
Confession of sins -- repentance and seeking
the heart of our Saviour for safety and keeping.

You, O God are the King of the nation!
You, O God are the God of creation!
Prepare for the worst? -- No! -- Prepare for the Best!
Turn to The Saviour and by Him be blest!!

Caroline Borrett. © 5/2/2011
Thoughts during and after the 2011 floods and Cyclone YASI
and the awareness of all the things happening around the world.

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