Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Gift Embraced...My Thank you is for Second Chances!


A girl was lying at my feet,
She couldn't drink, She couldn't eat,
She looked up at me with saddened eyes.
What had she seen in her short life?

How could it be?
This little one,
Had been abandoned
By her mum.

I smiled at her and told her my name,
I said hers too, I was glad she came.
I picked her up and twirled her round-
She smiled at me as her feet left the ground.

We cuddled and
Our love rained down.
This precious one,
Was lost- now found.

I bought her food and clothes and shoes.
I had so much to gain and nothing to lose.
I rocked this baby in my arms,
She had to know, now all was calm.

As the days continued on
My baby girl became so strong.
She walked - well, ran – she talked non-stop.
She learned to drink juice from a cup.

She grew and learned,
She was doing well,
But loud noises scared her,
She'd lived through hell.

Now years have gone,
My baby's grown.
She's been to school,
How time has flown.

She's healthy now,
She's happy too.
Every day-
Our love's renewed.

I love my girl,
She'll always be,
The living gift
God sent to me.


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