Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday's new word

So I think I have mentioned that I'm reading a book written by Nora Ephron called "Crazy Salad."  My friend Nora loves to use big/ grown up words, for which I can forgive her because she is an intelligent, educated woman after all.  Anyway, last night I was reading one of her articles and a came across a new word.  I didn't know what it meant and resolved to "look it up" in the morning.  So, this afternoon I went to and looked up the word.  The definition was a bit ambiguous so I had to look up the root word and vwa-lah I learned a new word.  Of course, I was so shocked by the definition that I decided there was no way I was putting it on my blog!

BTW: Before you start making comments (or sending me emails) about the nature of my reading material and tell me that perhaps I need to "be careful." One can not make judgements about authors and books based on one big word (that I didn't know the meaning of) taken completely out of context.  But, FYI to make you all feel better, I am being careful.  Not to mention the fact that if I wasn't so curious I would have had nothing to write about today.

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