Monday, January 10, 2011

Church Chatter

I know that many people don't go to church these days.  I also know that many people have a certain "concept" of churches which is perhaps a little unfair.  Here is why.
1.They may have seen church portrayed on film.   While I love watching movies, I am a great believer in the idea that practically everything is produced with a certain motive or stereotype in mind.  The old, "I saw it with my own eyes, therefore it must be true" is not something to which I ascribe.
2. They may have heard about church in the media (newspaper, television, radio).  Again, these are forms of text that are produced by authors who are simply sharing their own opinion or experience.  Much like this blog, I suppose.
3.  They were dragged to church against their will at some point in their lives by; a parent, aunt or other family member, a lover or a friend.  The experience was horrid, it was boring and staged. No one talked to them, or everyone talked to them, they didn't understand what was happening.  They had a negative experience.
4.  Lastly, they are/were a convert and somewhere, somehow, they were hurt.  A friend hurt them, they became ill, they made a choice that brought judgement down on them instead of love (When I say that I mean people judged them instead of showing them how God forgives).  They became sad and felt guilty and they decided that "church" was not for them.

That is not at all what I wanted to tell you about today.  I wanted to tell you something funny that happened at Church, well two things actually.  But you know what, I think that can wait until tomorrow.  Instead I'm going to finish up by saying this: Church is not the worst place to be on a Sunday morning/evening.  The Church is made up of people who are human and who will make mistakes.  But if you make Church less about the people who are sitting behind you and all about God, something amazing happens.

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