Friday, June 22, 2018

How to Ace the Test

Today I'm sharing an article that was published on Mel The Literacy Coach's blog.  I know the author!  ;)

Everyone gets nervous before a test.  The best way to achieve a great result on a test is to prepare for it.  While people learn in different ways, there are some test preparation strategies that will work for everyone. 

All the Time

#1 Pay attention and Participate in Class!

Believe it or not, your teacher wants you to succeed!  Teachers plan activities that will help you to learn and remember the important information you need to know for the test.  Of course, you won’t remember something that happened in class if you were too busy playing a game on your phone or talking to your friends.   You need to listen to the teacher, participate in the activities AND write down key information.

#2 Take Organised Notes

Your teacher will provide lots of hints about what you should write down. They will probably repeat important points and they may even say “Write this down!” Writing your notes is not the only step here.  You need to keep your notes altogether and organised.  Reading your notes later will help you remember what you have learned.  It will be easier to find it if you keep it in the same book/ file.

Before the Test

#1 Sleep Well

The night before a test: GO TO BED!  Get a good night’s sleep.  If you are tired, you will find it harder to concentrate. 

#2 Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Everyone knows that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A healthy, balanced meal at the beginning of the day will help your brain function at its best.  If you are hungry, it will be hard to think clearly and you will be distracted.  That’s the last thing you want to be in a test.

During the Test

#3 Read the Questions Carefully

This might seem obvious, but lots of students lose easy points on a test because they didn’t read the question.  Don’t Predict the question… read it and after you have answered it, read it again!

#4 Check your answers

Read those questions again.  Read your answers and make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes!  Everyone!  We all miss out words or press the wrong button on a calculator. Check it!

#5 Stay Positive

Answer as many questions as you can. Even if you aren’t certain about the answer, write it down anyway.  You could get part marks. Remember that exams are an opportunity to show what you know.  Do your best work and DON’T GIVE UP!