Friday, January 5, 2018

2018: New Year, New Goals, New Approach

My overarching goal/ vision (I'll wait while you roll your eyes).

In 2018 I will be the healthiest and happiest version of myself by making good choices for my body, my soul, my mind and my relationships. I will do my best with what I have and be grateful for abundant blessings. 

That all sounds very well, but it is a bit wishy washy.  I thought it might be helpful to have this broad "vision" and shape my goals around it, so using what I have written above, let's get down to business.  Let's start with a few questions... you might want to ask yourself these questions if you are in the process of setting your own goals for the year.

1. What does the Healthiest and Happiest version of me look like?

This is a tough question for me. This question is deeply personal because it isn't about what other people think is beautiful or happy or healthy.  It might be difficult to quantify, but for the purposes of goal setting, we need to. From experience I know that I am happiest and healthiest when:
  • I have a regular sleep pattern, including a calming bed time routine.
  • I eat a protein packed breakfast and small meals for the rest of the day. 
  • I drink at least 2L of water everyday.
  • I study my Bible and Pray everyday.
  • I weigh about 15-20 kg less than I do now.  
  • I stretch.
  • I rest and relax everyday - this means taking a break from work/ meeting the needs of others.
  • I enjoy spending time with family and friends (i.e., I make time for them and I am totally in the "moment" that I have allocated to them).
  • I have ways to be creative. 
  • I am able to give generously to organisations/ projects that educate, protect and/or care for children in need. 

2. Knowing what the best version of me is, what do I need to do to achieve that?

I think there are plenty of things listed above that could be repeated in this list, however I am going to narrow it down to a few things.  I am also going to space out my goals this time.  Focusing on just one or two things at a time so that I am more likely to form good habits. 

  • Prioritise my evening routine and sleep pattern.
  • Stop drinking soft drinks.  I gave up ice cream (except for special occasions) last year and I am 3 days into my soft drink fast. I can do this! It's easier to drink 2L of water everyday if you reduce the amount of other fluids you put into your body!  This will also help me to lose a bit of weight. 
  • Complete a Bible activity and Pray everyday. 
  • Stretch. 
That's it for now. 

Later this year, I plan to: 

  • Donate to two-three overseas mission projects.
  • Set up a 'space' in my home where I can easily relax and/or be creative. 
  • Set up and Start meal planning that helps me to ensure I eat enough protein each morning. 

3. How will I know that I have reached my goals?

  • I will be sleeping regularly and well.  I will feel less tired. 
  • I will be easily drinking 2L of water everyday and not craving soft drinks.
  • My tracking app will show that I have read my Bible for 30 days in a row. 
  • I will be 4kg lighter by the end May 2018.
  • My tracking app will show that I have stretched everyday for 30 days in a row.  

That's that for now.  I will tell you more in February.  If my new approach isn't working so well, I may tweak it a bit more until I find a better way.  Next week, I will be sharing some of my card crafting with you.  I have some plans in that regard too! You will just have to wait and see.  

Happy New Year, My Friends!