Friday, January 6, 2017

Bio Poems

Poetry can take many forms and there are various structures that we can use to pen our poems.  Bio Poems are written about a person and are often a personal description of the poet themselves. There are several Bio Poem structures and at the end of the day, a free form poem about yourself could be a Bio Poem too.   If you are looking for the specifics of Bio Poetry and how to write Bio Poems, I recommend the following links. 
Can Teach
Bio Poems Made Easy
Poetry Soup

Here is an example of a Bio Poem I wrote about myself. 

Creative, Intelligent, Silly, Thoughtful
The second and youngest daughter
Loving Family, Friends, Shelly
Feeling peaceful, loved, sleepy and hopeful
Afraid of a worldwide shortage of chocolate
Wanting to see my family,

Here is a Bio Poem by Shelly (I helped). 

Beautiful, Feline, Playful, Quiet,
The one and only in this house!
Loving tuna!
Feeling hungry and sleepy
Afraid of running out of tuna!
Wanting to see some tuna in my bowl.
The Cat

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