Friday, December 23, 2016

Two More Sleeps, Two More Sleeps!!!

I'm getting very excited about Christmas. 

We thought that last year was probably Dad's last Christmas and yet, only two more sleeps and he is still very much alive.  This year has been rough and we have had a few occasions when everyone thought the end was very near.  I promised to show you my wrapping for this year, if you want some inspiration, check out my wrapping posts from previous years: 2012, 2015 and a best ofOlder and Wisor has some great wrapping inspiration too! I didn't do anything too special or different this year, so I wasn't in a rush to show you.  Organising Christmas, going Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts is quite the juggling act when caring for a very ill person.  It must be tough for parents too!!

I put much less effort and time into the wrapping this year but the presents still look pretty good!  :D

Shelly was very helpful in the wrapping process as you will see by some of the photos below!

All the best wrappers will tell you to use what you have and get creative with it!
I used two different types of ribbon for this one.  Most of the others are using basic curling ribbon.
When we run out of every type of ribbon in the house, we can buy more.  I have quite a way to go!

Shelly helped me choose some of her toys that she hasn't played with since she was a kitten.
I put them in this small gift box, used some Christmas themed glitter tape to decorate and tied it with curling ribbon. 
This little gift will go to the newest addition to the family-
my nephew's new kitten from the local animal shelter!

I used green curling ribbon to make two basic bows.
Then,  cut the loops so they look more like leaves and tied in a few holly berries.
I love how this decoration matched the paper which has holly and ivy in a repeated pattern. 

The gift wrapping inspector is just checking to make sure this present  is wrapped properly!
I think it passed the test!

Each year, I prepare gifts for the pets owned by my family and friends. 
The two wrapped gifts are for dogs (from Shelly),
one belonging to the BFF and one to my Brother in Law.
The boxed gift is for my nephew's cat.
There is a gift under the tree somewhere for a guinea pig
called Chi-Chi, who belongs to another nephew. 

I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with my Dad this year!
From Shelly, Hagrid, all the gang and ME: we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!