Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

Today is Remembrance Day in Australia. 
This is also known as Armistice Day when, all over the world, we commemorate the end of World War 1.  At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (every year) we take a minute to be silent and remember those who died in armed conflicts. 
In 2013, I wrote a poem for ANZAC day (25th April) to remember the brave soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Many of the men who landed at Gallipoli on 25/04/1915, died there.  11 November marks the end of World War 1, unfortunately, it was not the end of armed conflict around the world.  Wars, police actions, invasions and 'peace keeping missions' have continued to be waged between nations.  War is a sad thing caused by greed, arrogance, fear, oppression and hate (not necessarily in that order).  Today, I hope and pray for peace in our time. 

This poem was originally published on A Great Title, 25 April 2013

(ANZAC DAY 2013)

Thank you for the ANZACs
Thank you for the boys
Who bravely disembarked the ships-
Ambushed on Turkey's shores.

Thank you for the soldiers 
Thank you for those kids
They volunteered and defended
Our freedom-never stripped.

Thank you for their courage
Thank you for those men
Fighting for freedom and for peace
Their stories ended then.

Thank you for Survivors
Thank you for their safe return
They tell us of their hell on earth
From this we hope to learn

We are very lucky
We never will forget
The sacrifice of millions
For Peace - we don't have yet!