Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Dad... a file of fact

I have been thinking a lot about my dad lately.  I enjoy reading  blog posts that I have written in the past.. both distant and recent.  When searching my blog posts, it occurred to me that there are very few posts about Dad.  When Dad is mentioned, he is a peripheral character to a story (usually about Mum or another member of the family).  Considering what a huge part Dad has played in my life, the small role he has played here at AGT seems incongruace (it's a real word) and, frankly, wrong.  Therefore, here are a few things I think you should know about my Dad.  If you read AGT often, you probably know at least a few of these things, but I can guarantee that you don't know all of these. 

My Dad was born in 1953.  I was born 2 days after his 30th birthday... talk about an awesome birthday present!
Not actually a picture of my Dad!

Dad loves God. 

He was the eldest son of Salvation Army officers (these are ministers or pastors in the Salvation Army). He has three brothers and two sisters. All of his immediate family is still alive and living in Australia. 

Dad loves music.  He learned to play brass instruments at an early age.  He taught lots of people how to play too. Dad composed, transcribed and arranged music for many instruments. 

Dad could sell ice to Eskimos, sand to desert tribes and a pearl to an oyster.  He can sell anything.  My Dad is an honest man.  He never shook hands on a shady deal.  He never sold something by deceit.  He always told me the truth, even when I didn't want to hear it. 

My Dad has diabetes.  He has liver/kidney disease and cancer that has spread.  He is very unwell.  I don't remember a time when Dad was healthy.  Not completely healthy. 

Dad has been married to Mum for more than 35 years.  He loves her.  He loves everything about her and he loves his daughters.  My sister and I are the apples of his eye and the grandchildren (my sister's children) are the grapes.  Dad loves his family. 

Dad is determined (or perhaps he's stubborn). Dad is a big ol' softy... no matter what anyone may think of him. 
This isn't an actual picture of my Dad, but I think he's
just a big teddy bear!

I love my Dad. 

It's Fathers' Day here in Australia! 
Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!
Good Job!