Friday, June 3, 2016

I've been Crafting Cards

Last year I decided that I must use all the craft supplies I had in my various containers before purchasing anymore.  While I haven't quite stuck to this resolution, my purchases have mostly had the purpose of helping me create, using the items I already have but in a better way. 
I had a lot of paper.  Patterns, coloured card, plain card, textured card, card templates! I had craft cutters, various glues and glitters and paints and ink pads and one or two stamps, buttons, stickers and fancy pens for writing fancy messages in home made cards.  I also have ribbon - lots of ribbon.  I have made quite a few cards in the past couple of years.  Birthday cards, Mothers' Day cards, Thank you Cards.  I have plans for making more cards- and thus using up my supplies. 

I have purchased a few more craft cutters, a few more card templates and just one stack (ok, 2 stacks)of new coloured/ patterned paper.  I invested in a rotary cutting tool with ruler and fitting so that I can cut straight lines in my cardboard and paper.  I bought some glue dots because they work better than some of the glues that I was using. 

This new creative outlet has been more than a simple exercise in using what I have.  Lately, it has been a way for me to escape the reality of life.  For a short time, I am able to have complete control over something.  I am able to relax and make something fun or pretty or cute.  I start with bits and bobs and make something that makes me smile.  I also have something to give away.  I have tokens of gratitude, birthday wishes or encouraging messages.  I make something.  Me! It is kind of good. If I do say so myself.  See!

The best thing for me is being able to look at photos of cards I made when I first got started in this card making lark.  I can see improvement.  It still takes me forever to design the cards - mostly deciding which colours go well together or which patterns don't clash too much.  I still get a little nervous and touchy about placing things properly once the glue is on.  But, I do love looking at the finished product.
Birthday Card for my Nephew March 2015
Birthday Card for my Bro in Law- September 2015

Next time I will show you some of my recent cards alongside the cards that inspired them. 
First, I have to show you the card I made for my nephew - he turns 9 this week!