Friday, February 12, 2016

4 Valentines Gifts for Your Cat!

Hi Everyone,
Shelly here!

I'm going to share with all you humans in the blogosphere some very good advice for pleasing your kitty this Valentines Day.  Even if you don't tell your friends, I know that you buy the cat in your life at least one gift for Valentines Day.  I  know this, because Mum gets me a Valentines Day present.  She does this because she loves me.  If you love your kitty, you have to get him or her a gift.  It's in the manual.  Down to business then...

1. A cuddle buddy...
Mum made this very cute little cuddle buddy for me in January.  She is so clever!  Check out how she did it here

2. TUNA!  I love Tuna.  I don't know any cats  who don't love tuna.  If you know one, you are special.  If your cat prefers chicken, then get them chicken.  Find out what your cat loves... I'm sure you already know. Your kitty's favourite treat will make your kitty's day and isn't that what it's all about?!  It should be!

3. A tunnel.
I have four tunnels and I could use another one... did you get that Mum? I love playing in my tunnels.  I also love it when Mum hides treats in the tunnels for me to find and the best thing is when she gets all four of my tunnels out and makes a sort of playground for me by putting them in different places around the house.  She gets out a bunch of my other toys for me to chase through the tunnels and catch.  That's better than a day at Dreamworld!  

4. A brand new Cat Tree!
Mum ordered it just after Christmas and it's finally here!  My new cat tree has 5 floors including the ground floor.  They are all joined together by sisal rope poles.  There are pots of cat grass on my tree too and they move between the floors all by themselves.  Treats and toys appear on the tree too.  After we have a cuddle (me and Mum), she puts me on the third floor and I play with the toys and eat the cat grass and then lie down and chill out.  It's great. 

You might think I'm a spoiled cat.  I say, that I'm a cat who knows she is loved!  Everything at our house is exactly as it should be.  I have a tree all of my own and Mum spends a lot of time doing things just for me!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Love Shelly

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