Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wrappin' around the Christmas Tree!

Well, you have had another look at the wrapping I did a few years ago.  Today, you can see the wrapping that I did this year.  Some of my best yet.  :D

I pulled out the entire ribbon stash that we had and used up everything I had.  I used a little bit of curling ribbon and lots of fabric ribbon but my favourite was the stiff wire edged ribbon.

This idea was from somewhere... I used A5 coloured paper,
the green one was cut in half long ways.

This one is two lengths of different coloured ribbon.
Wrap around 4 fingers (or a jar lid of the size you want)
Tie a piece of ribbon around the middle.
Separate the loops from each side to make the puffy look you want.

I conquered the loopy bow!

Another puffy bow with two different colours and types of ribbon. 
I am really happy with this one.

I saw instructions for how to wrap cylindrical gifts on television.
So, I found that so much easier this year!
So, the basic rules with wrapping... my basic rules for wrapping are:
1.  Use what you have in the house... or buy something specific... do what is easiest for you and within your budget.
2.  Consider who will open the gift wrap.  A beautifully wrapped gift that is taped into perfection, is appreciated by an adult, but won't be appreciated by a child who just wants to get to the gift.  On the other hand, a gift in a brown paper bag will not be attractive to a kid either.  Make it bright and fun, but don't spend too much time making it 'perfect'. 
3.  Have fun with wrapping and if you don't find it fun, then spend more time doing what you love. 

That's that then.

Only 3 more sleeps!  Appreciate it!