Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thank You Cards and Glue and Stuff

If I don't see another thank you card until next year, I will be a happy lady!!

I have been making thank you cards and compiling gifts for the teacher aides who supported in our Learning Support Programs.  There were a lot this year! This was mostly due to timetable changes and the extra funding we decided to spend on TA support. 

The teacher aides who support in our classrooms are amazing.  They really do make a huge difference to me and my students.  I feel it's important to acknowledge their effort - especially when they go above and beyond - and tell them how much I appreciate them. 

I have to say, I do love my circle/ square cutters and my washi tape collection which made it so much easier to create this little collection.  None of these are perfect, but I'm really happy with most of them and I got better with practice so that's a good sign!  Each card will go with a small paper bag containing Freddo frogs, a pen, a pencil and a highlighter.  Each bag will be tied with gold ribbon.  :D Here are photos of the cards I made.