Friday, November 27, 2015

There are somethings you do or say that you never thought you would.

I often use the saying, "Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out."  I am finding that is true more and more often.  Then I look around to try and find my mother until I realise that it was, in fact, me who said that.  Then I shake my head sadly. 

When teaching my class about how technology has changed communication, I found myself beginning many of my anecdotes with, "when I was your age..."  I feel so old. 

I never thought I would use those words in that order to begin a story.  Never. 

On Friday, my nieces, aged 3 and 17 months, came over to play.  We love to paint.  So we painted.  The next morning, while on the phone to my sister, I told her, "there is purple paint on my toilet seat."

That's one thing I never thought I would say. 

We  both laughed loudly. 

Perhaps we should never say never.