Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Best oF AGT: Diamante Poem of Opposites!

This post moves between 2nd and 3rd on the list of most visited posts.  Clearly people find this one informative as well as entertaining.  It happens to be one of my favourites too, so that is a bonus!

Diamante is a seven line poem where the theme or topic of the poem ends opposite to the opening topic.  This is an excellent activity for students to use their knowledge of synonyms and antonyms.  When published and displayed around the room they also provide environmental print for students to use during other writing activities.  This form is more difficult than it seems so teachers should provide appropriate scaffolding for students, throughout the writing process.

Line 1 - Name (Noun) Theme/Object
Line 2 - Two adjectives describing the noun in line 1.
Line 3 - Three participles (-ing or -ed), relating to line 1 and 2 of the poem.
Line 4 - Four nouns (2 refering to the noun in line 1 and the other 2 refering to line 7).
Line 5 - Three participles (relating to noun in line 7)
Line 6 - Two adjectives (describing the noun in line 7)
Line 7 - Noun (names the Theme or object which is the opposite of the noun in line 1.

Confused? Yeah, me too!!! Here are a couple of examples.

Young, energetic.
Growing, playing, learning.
Boys, girls. Dads, mums.
Loving, working, providing.
Grown, tired.

Light, lively.
Awakened, Shining, Revealed.
Sun, Rainbows. Moon, Stars
Sleeping, Darkened, Covering.
Lonely, Quiet