Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Shelly Did...

I don't usually like those cat shaming photos on the internet.

This one is funny, though.

The dog shaming is what makes me really laugh!! Dogs are so silly!

Last week, I was typing up a blog post (for my other blog) and I was nearly at the end.  I needed to edit it, add images, maybe write a concluding sentence.  It was almost finished.  Shelly - who has been fed and has a full water bowl - climbs up on my laptop and sits on the keyboard! She then stands back up and starts stepping on various keys, trying to jump up and play.  I finally get her off the keyboard and try to assess the damage.  She had deleted the entire blog post (which I apparently hadn't saved yet) and closed the window!

I was just speechless.  I couldn't be mad at her, because I'm almost certain she didn't do it on purpose.  She didn't, right?  She doesn't know which keys she was standing on.  Does she?
Look at that beautiful face! She couldn't possibly do something so naughty on purpose!!

Just for fun.  Here's another Silly Puppy Dog. 


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