Saturday, September 26, 2015

Been There Done That with Others

There are relationship bucket lists and couples bucket lists. I found it interesting that I've done a lot of things on these lists. I often forget that I had this whole other life in my teen years and early-twenties.  I have worked so hard at moving on from my "old life" that I also forget some of the good things that happened.  I did some cool stuff.  I have surely lived.  Check it.

It still counts, even if I don't anymore.
I'm sure that I did this one, I just don't actually remember it.
I wonder if we will get to do this again?

There was more than one perfect valentine's day.  I also had a wonderful valentine's day this year. 
The secret to this one is low expectations!

More things I did at that time but I did it on my own.

When I was a house wife (between teaching contracts and on weekends)
I spent entire days cooking and baking. 

That's that then, for now.

Up next on the DONE IT List:  Some ticks I got before I turned 20.