Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Look what I made!

There are lots of birthdays in the family this time of year... so I've been making birthday cards. Check these out!
This is for my Sister.  I used pattern scissors to cut out different sizes of card, patterned paper and the cake picture. I layered the papers and glued them onto the front of a blank card.  The "Happy Birthday" strip came from a cut out sheet I have in my craft box.  The most difficult thing was deciding which paper to use! I grabbed the felt tip pens to write a personal message inside. 

This card was for my eldest nephew.  He turned 15 at the end of last month!!  I used patterned washi tape to cover the front of the card (same card set I used for my sister's card) and glued a pearl blank card on the inside so I could write a personalised message with gel pens. He was happy.

Aren't I clever?!

Now I am working on a Mothers' Day Card for my Mum.  I was getting too excited about paper choices this morning and decided I better put it away and get cracking on the school work.  So much school work! 

Shelly tried to assist this morning... or should I say... Shelly entered the room where I was sitting on the floor surrounded by paper and tape and pens.  She walked right up to me, sniffed all my materials and settled in for a nap on top of my large patterned paper pile.  Her mat was right beside the pile of paper!!  Anyway, she was very curious but not very helpful.  

That's that then.