Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A whole new meaning for paperless workplace!

Yesterday our school ran out of printer paper. The photocopiers were all empty!
One enterprising senior teacher had a few reams of paper in his office and offered to sell it for $1 a page. I found a ream in my classroom cupboard and smuggled it to my staff room for my "room mates" to share for absolutely essential printing ONLY.
This morning I took a ream of paper from my home office into work so I wouldn't have to survive another day without pressing the print button.  Did I have time to print anything today? No. No, I didn't. 
Where is the paper now? Hidden under my desk at work!
The correct paper delivery arrived at school this morning and it was distributed quickly. There is a spate of paper hoarding happening now. One of the teacher aides in my staff room has hidden several reams in bottom drawers, backs of cupboards, under desks and behind furniture. She really didn't cope with the paper shortage yesterday.

That's that then.  Crisis averted... just.