Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to Get LOTS of KINDNESS sent your way!

Step One: Find out what 'day' it is.  For example: World Teachers' Day (the last Friday in October), but nearly every day on the calendar celebrates something.  

Step Two: Send a group text message to everyone in your address book, wishing them a Happy World Teachers' Day (or insert your own celebration).  This works especially well if you are a teacher and you send this wish of happiness to all the teachers you know.  But if it doesn't work quite so well, you simply need to tell your recipients that you are taking this celebration as an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you, how wonderful they are... etc. etc.
Step Three: Smile.  Know that you have brightened someone's day and probably annoyed someone else.  

Before you put your phone down, someone will be sending you a thank you text and they will probably realise it has been so long that they have told you that you are Awesome!!  This will lead them to make up for it by describing your Awesomeness via text message.  If you send it to enough people, your inbox will be full before you know it! 

Yesterday was World Teachers' Day!  I'm so blessed to be a teacher and to have so many great teachers in my life.  If you didn't spoil your teacher or your teacher friends on Friday, you better make up for it on Monday!!! Comprende

FYI: My happy text was sent out because I wanted to appreciate my teacher friends.  I was just really lucky that they all agree that I'm just as Awesome as I say I am.  ;)