Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Postcards and Photographs and the Top of my Wardrobe

This morning, I decided to clear out a box, that has been sitting on top of my wardrobe, to make some space and make my room look a little less cluttered.

What a delightful treasure trove I found!

There were postcards from some little friends of mine.  When my tutoring students went on holiday I would set them homework which always included the task of writing me a postcard.  I would tell their parents that the student must be responsible for purchasing the postcard, writing me a message, addressing the postcard and mailing it.  I was certain that I was teaching them a life skill and I got the bonus of receiving a post card.

The sad thing is, people don't tend to send postcards anymore.  Why is that?

I used to love sending post cards and receiving them.  When the BFF goes to Canada, I will have to demand some postcards.  I might have to give her postcard money!

Among some papers and folders I also found some photos.  I love photos! I found a few Santa photos from several years ago.  The children were so small!! I also noticed things about them that I certainly hadn't noticed before.  It's amazing how children look so content.  There really is something magical about the innocence of childhood.  Other than that, I found some photos of old friends.  It was a bit of a spin out - you know a strange feeling- like travelling back in time.  We were so young! I was surprised at how much I remembered just from looking at pictures.  A simple photograph - or a dozen - sparked memories I had forgotten I had.  Doesn't it seem silly.

Meanwhile, I'm typing this collection of random thoughts while sitting on my bed, surrounded by old photos, little boxes, school resources, papers and M'n'M's.  Perhaps I should do something about tidying all this up.

Aside from a little dust, the top of my wardrobe is now clear and definitely less cluttered.  So, mission accomplished.  Although I'm not sure if it counts until the photos aren't scattered on the bed.

Cest la vie

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