Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some More Great Words

After a short flutter on twitter, I often find myself on some random website reading some article or other.  New blogs are also discovered during these, 'down the rabbit hole' type of journeys on the internet.  This morning, I stumbled upon, this slideshow on 

After reading the first definition, I believe I am a logophile (this is a screen shot- click the link above if you want to learn more). 

I'm not an epeolatrist though - that sounds a bit creepy to me.  

We all know how much I love words and I'm proud of it.  A few of the words on this list will certainly be added to my favourites list such as: verbicide, litotes and the great sesquipedalian.  In fact, I think I might be a sesquipedalian logophile.  Now I understand why composing a tweet sometimes takes me so long that the conversation I'm tweeting about is yesterday's news! 

Oh,, there are times when you're better than Google. Did I type that out loud?

That's That Then!

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