Friday, April 11, 2014

Great Apps for Silliness

Holidays are a great time to embrace some silliness. Although, I must admit that I have been embracing quite a bit of silly throughout the school term as well.  I have found that a small dose of silliness every day seems to keep my chuckle chuckling.  The big old binge of silly on the holidays doesn't hurt, but it certainly doesn't last for 10 weeks of serious.  If you are making sense of this you probably need a good dose of serious yourself.  So, here are two apps (I'm sure there are plenty more) that can give you a daily dose of giggle so you can be serious without morphing into a serious monster.  I was a serious monster once - I didn't care for it.

Application #1 LOL Cats
On my Surface Tablet, I have downloaded a free app from  Simply open the app, click on the button that says "i can heif the funniez" and a LOLCat image-complete with caption- will appear on the screen.  Then I can use the SHARE charm to show all my friends, but emailing them a link to the picture online.  Great Stuff!! I also love the fact that you can press the button as many times as like each day, so if one picture isn't enough silly to keep you going, all you have to do is press the button again and you see new LOL Cats material.  Love it!!

Here's a sample of today's silliness from my LOL Cats App

Application #2 Fortune Cookie a Day
This one is also available in the Surface Store.  Each day you can literally 'crack a fortune cookie' -well you click the fortune cookie and it makes a cracking sound- and out comes a fortune that has appeared in a real life fortune cookie in the world.  All the Wisdom of the traditional fortune cookie without the calories! 

Not to mention the great feature that allows you to save the fortunes that you like or that tickle your funny bone.  You can also click on a location button and see where the original fortune cookie was cracked open,  When you buy the real thing, you can upload the fortune that you received so others in the world (with the app) can see your fortune.  Whether useful or not, each time I've used this app, it has given me a smile.  So, that's worth it.

Both Apps are FREE and the opinions in this blog are my own, I'm not getting any compensation for sharing my APPreciation.  WOW... that was a really bad pun. 

That's that then: I'm about half way through my  holidays... scary thought. 



K8 said...

Beware of grape with wooden mallet!

M said...

if you go a little loopy - better keep your nurse well paid!