Saturday, October 26, 2013

A New Favourite of Shelly's

Dear  Friends, 
I'm not sure that you have caught up with this news, but just in case I will tell you now.  I bought a new mattress a few weeks ago and it was delivered soon after.  This mattress is on an old bed that my Pa put together and it is very sturdy.  It is also quite hard!  Anyway, the bed is shorter than my old one so Shelly was a little unimpressed for the first few days.  

My new mattress however, is very comfortable. It has three zones and special inner springs and a pillow top.  I am sleeping very well these days.  When the beds were being swapped and I ordered my new mattress, I figured it was time for some new bed linen so I purchased a new quilt cover and two new 'body pillow' covers.  My bed is now very cosy.  

Apparently, Shelly's new favourite place to nap is on my new bed with my new quilt cover, surrounded by pillows.  While she sometimes enjoys my company when napping (early in the morning she jumps onto the bed and curls up in a fluffy ball right beside me), she prefers to have the bed to herself. Ensuring that she has the bed to herself is quite simple... she walks up and down and up and down the length of the bed.  Then, she walks around in circles until she finds the perfect spot that is not exactly the centre point but is somewhere close to it.  This means that it is very difficult to fall into bed without falling on her! She's a bit sneaky my furry little friend. 

Apparently, when I went shopping for the new mattress and quilt cover I did a good job.  I  arranged the pillows accurately as well.  They haven't stayed like that, but who ever thought they would.  

There you go... Now you know, that if you buy a new bed you better be prepared to share it with your cat.  


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