Saturday, September 21, 2013

A series of noises and events.

My parents planned a holiday to Tasmania.  
I didn't know that booking flights and accommodation online could be so loud.  

They packed for the trip.  
There was banging and slamming of drawers.  
Clothes and shoes were thrown to the back of wardrobes.  
Suitcases with wheels were dragged down the hallway and parked at the front door.  
Everyone went to sleep. 

Hugs, kisses and farewells were exchanged and I went to work.  
My cat watched as Mum and Dad left for the airport.  
My phone beeped and I checked the message : "the eagle has landed, call you tonight- luv mum".  
When I arrived home that night, the cat "meowed" at me and I answered with my usual sing song voice.  

Everything was quiet.  
It was quiet for more than a week. 

My parents returned home from their holiday.  
It was the end of the quiet.

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