Saturday, June 8, 2013

I think I am turning GEEK!

A few months ago my 'wireless' mouse that connects to the computer via a small USB 'died'.  I prefer to have a mouse as well as a track pad available to me so, desperation caused me to 'make do' with a mouse that not only had to be connected to the computer but wasn't even wireless.  Considering, that I don't get out much, I have been 'making do' for quite a while now.  

On Thursday night, by pure coincidence, I found myself in the electrical section.  I needed a DVD player (that is another long story) to replace my old one.  While heading towards the small selection of DVD players, I happened upon some computer devices.  First was a 4-port USB hub (insert happy face here) and then ... I saw a BLUE TOOTH mouse.  "In the world of emoticons I was colon capital d," as Sheldon Cooper would say.  :D This means I can connect my mouse to my USB port limited laptop wirelessly via my blue tooth receiver.  

If you do not use computers for everything, you probably don't quite get the significance of this.  If you use computers for these types of things, then you are probably wondering how I didn't know about this delightful little innovation sooner.  So depending on where you sit, I'm advanced or I'm incredibly behind the times.  

None of that matters quite as much as the fact that my mouse is wirelessly and USB-less-ly connected to my laptop and that is AWESOME!! 

Yeah, there are definitely Geek cells taking over my analogue ones.  I can feel it! 

Happy Long Weekend.