Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ironing Fairies on Strike!

I have two ironing fairies.  One lives at my house, or more accurately, I live at her house.  You didn’t know I lived in a fairy’s house, did you? That explains a lot doesn’t it?!

The other ironing fairy lives up the road and she is only part time.  You know, like when I haven’t washed yet and the clothes need washing as well as ironing! Unfortunately, on Sunday, both of my ironing fairies were unavailable.  The Mum, was babysitting two of my nephews while my sister moved house.  The Landlady Ironing Fairy (aka the BFF) is house sitting at a family friend’s house.  Thus, I was on my own. 

You will be pleased to know, that the memory kicked in.  I remembered how to turn on the iron and use it, so I did! :D I even remembered to turn the iron off when I was done! 

 I’m so smart. 

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