Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O - Christmas Trees!

One week to go!

Australia doesn’t do “living” Christmas trees as a rule so most Aussies have a plastic shrub in their houses.  Last year, our tree looked sort of like this…

This is very much how the tree looked the year before too.  Unfortunately I can't find a photo of either tree.  

Pinterest has a variety of individualised Christmas trees.  There is something for everyone.  I got pinspired and started pinning a bunch of them in November.  Where would all of us slow pokes get our inspiration (check out 30 days of pinspiration here) if it weren’t for all the super organised people on Pinterest?

Gone are the days of the traditional tree with a hodge podge of hand-crafted decorations and sad tinsel.  The themed tree of one or two colours co-ordinating decorations and gift wrap is also a bit old hat.  Don’t get me wrong, if that is your thing, I’m impressed with your level of commitment.  It took me 10 years to convince Mum that a bit of coordinated forethought would result in a beautiful tree standing in the living room.  The great thing is, that Mum now has so many decorations that she can easily choose a different colour theme each year without having to go out and purchase new accessories.  I’m sure I used to hear the poor tree groaning under the weight of all that stuff!

This year the BFF and I decided to go for something a bit different in the tree department.  
Our tree looks like this…

At night time it looks like this…

It was really quite easy to create.  Well, the BFF made it look easy! She did all the wire beading and bending and twisting.  I traced and cut out our paper decorations.  The tree shaped wire is secured with tape and cut-outs are just stuck to the wall with blu-tac.  The cool thing was, we had a different tree than last year and didn’t spend any extra money.  We raided the craft boxes and our awesome resourcefulness did the rest. 

If you are so slack, that you don’t have the tree up yet, check out these pins and raid the craft supplies before you rush out and buy an over-priced twig.  These days, anything goes, so don't be afraid to experiment.  

Tomorrow... Gifts and Wrapping! :D
Happy Christmas! 

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