Friday, November 23, 2012

Tapping into Words: Don't Forget the Craft

Ryan from Tapping into Words is my newest follower.  Totally unrelated to his "new follower" status, I saw his latest post in my blog roll and was intrigued.  Click the link to read about teaching author's craft.

Tapping into Words: Don't Forget the Craft

The thing that stuck out to me was Purpose.  It made me wonder if my students understand the purpose of the writing they do in my classroom.  I'm not talking about the perceived purpose (because Miss said so) but the purpose of the text type or specifically the purpose which their writing is supposed to fulfil.  I'm sure I tell them the real purpose... but do they keep that in mind when they are writing?

Only this year did our teachers begin doing "Author's Purpose" introductory activities at the beginning of the year, to explore the three main functions that a text may have (i.e. Persuasion, Information, Entertainment).  So next year, we need to take the next step.  What's that you ask? Using Ryan's questions (and probably a few more) to encourage students to consider the purpose of their writing.  Then, using their knowledge of general text purposes/ their own purposes AND their knowledge of how/when/where to incorporate author's craft.  It sounds complicated.  It is complicated.

The idea of linking purpose to text features is not a new one, but asking students to put these three concepts together and effectively turn their knowledge into skill is a big ask.

The other thing that Ryan reminded me of was my own writing and it's purpose.  When I'm writing my blog I need to consider my purpose and audience in order to determine how I will write.  Sometimes I spend a great deal of time considering what I will say and how I will say it.  Often, I just let it out (like right now).  But I think, whether I realise it or not, my purpose at the time does change the style.

Lots to think about!
Thanks for dropping by Ryan!