Saturday, November 3, 2012

Staffroom For Improvement Apple Story

Our school is entered in the Staffroom for Improvement and I entered their storytelling competition tonight, in an attempt to win some bonus apples for my school.  The brief: how many apples does your school have? what other things do your apples equal if each apple has a diameter of 8cm? Include some love for QTMB (the financial institution running the competition).  My entry might have been a few minutes late, and I'm super concerned that it didn't make it in time.  :( 
Anyway, I decided it was a fairly awesome effort considering I spent most of my time researching and composed the actual story in less than 10 minutes!!! AAAHHHggggRRRHHHHAAAAA!

I have not edited it, so forgive any typos that may have slipped through.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Last week Miss H took her class on a virtual tour around Queensland.  They saw a whole lot of BIG things in Queensland, all from the comfort of the air conditioned staffroom that her school had won in Staffroom for Improvement.  The QTMB also paid for her class to have its very own data projector so that they could see the pictures of all the big things, projected on to the wall. 
First, they saw, The Big Pineapple which is 16 m tall.  Fred, called out from the back of the room, “hey, Miss H, if we stacked apples up to the top of the Big Pineapple, we would have 200 apples.”  Miss H smiled and said, “you are quite right Fred.  I wonder if we can work out how many apples it would take to be the same height as the next thing.”
The next BIG thing the class saw was the 6m Cow in Yandina.  “I know,” said Fred, “that’s 75 apples.”
Miss H flicked through the presentation and the class worked out how many apples would stack as high as each BIG THING.  There was the Big Mango (12m, 150 apples), the Big Gumboot (8m, 100 apples) and the Big Marlin (another 100 apples).  The Hard Rock Guitar in Surfers Paradise (10 m, 125 apples) was impressive, but not as impressive as the Golden Guitar in Tamworth that was 12m high (that’s 150 apples).  The big mango was 12m high too (another 150 apples)!  But Fred’s favourite BIG THING was the Big Ned Kelly in Maryborough which was 8m (another 100 apples). “Let’s add them up,” said Jenny.  All the children started scratching out their apple numbers in their books.  “It’s 1000 Miss, ” called out Fred.  That’s 1000 apples.  “That’s right, Fred, it is 1000 apples,” replied Miss H as the bell went for morning tea.  The students streamed out of the room, while Miss H opened her lunchbox and ate an apple.  “1001” CRUNCH!

Make sure you vote for your school. There are only a few days to go in the competition! 

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