Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting On the Grid?

I don't know if "getting on the grid" is the correct turn of phrase, but it will do.

Dad is better.  He is not ALL better, but he is certainly better than he was.  Dad has had a very difficult few weeks.  Our family is tired.  But we will survive.

On the day that Dad went to hospital, my sister sent me a text message to tell me that #2 had the chicken pox.  Now the count is three children: #1, #2 and #7.  #6 had a few spots but he has not developed anymore and the spots he did have are fading.  So, that's that then.  The other three children have unstable temperatures so Sis is just waiting for the spots to appear on them too. 

So, now that Dad is on the mend (I mean he has a long way to go), and the kids are off limits ( I can't afford to get sick), I might just have a bit of time to revisit the blogosphere.  Did I mention I claimed all of my remaining leave so that I could spend the last week of term with Dad, at the hospital? He may be hoe before the end of next week... fingers crossed.  If he is at home, we can sit on the couch together with our laptops and have a marvellous time. 

I might not be on everyday just yet, but I will try to pop in as often as possible.  I do have a few stories I have been holding onto the last few weeks.  You know how it is... Dad has been under the influence of some strong prescription medication and has said some interesting things.  The children have had a bit to say about their Grandfather being in hospital too.  Also, when one spends more time with one's mother, one inevitably comes away with a story to tell. 

Hang in there people... we can all breathe by ourselves!