Friday, September 28, 2012

Favourite Teacher Blog

It is Friday. I am trying to stick to the plan or at least follow the "tags" and get back in the habit of posting daily.  We will see how it goes.  Friday is Favourite day and so, today is FAVOURITE BLOG DAY. 

I follow lots of blogs.  There are 62 blogs that I follow through Google/ Blogger and then there are three or four Word Press blogs that I have subscribed to via email.  This adds up to quite a bit of blog reading.  I gave up trying to keep up with this every day and now I clear a couple of hours once a week to skim through the blog roll and I pop in to the ones that have something new or particularly interesting to me.  I have noticed that while I have many blogs on the reading list, there are only a few that I visit often. 

Today I want to share one of my FAVOURITE TEACHER BLOGS. 

The Clutter-free Classroom (CFC) is a high traffic blog favoured and followed by every edu-blogger I know.  CFC is mentioned often when I read about classroom make-overs, back to school set ups and organisation of students/ furniture/resources. Jodi at CFC is a great inspiration and it doesn’t matter if she has shared a clever idea, a thrifty tip, a flash freebie, a teacher time saver or whatever, I click the link every time!  I also have to clear some time during my reading to explore the older posts on this blog.  CFC has been around for a few years and I always learn something when I take the time to check it out.

If you are not a teacher, you can also pop in to CFC because the tips for organising and de-cluttering work for the home as well as the classroom. 

Next Week: another favourite (but not a teacher) blog.  

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