Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Things... Compilation Books

As I was writing up this book list of 10 Compilation books for the Reading Rough Patch, I realised that most of the titles fell squarely in the "chick-lit" category.  There are a few which do not and I will highlight them of course.  It should be noted that every genre would have some kind of "compilation" and most successful authors publish some type of collection during their career.  So, while my list is more chick friendly than any other, it would not be difficult to find a blokey alternative.  Each title is hyperlinked so you can just click on it to get more info or see the listing on Amazon.com.  

Without further adieu, I give you....in no particular order.

10 Compilation books for the Reading Rough Patch

1.    Kid’s Night In (1,2and 3).  I have book 2, but I would like to have them all.  Each book stands alone, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose to purchase first. For the KID in all of us. 

   2.  Pieces for the Left Hand by J. Robert Lennon: I mentioned this one yesterday.  This one is a collection of 100 anecdotes, the longest of which covers three pages, the shortest is not more than a paragraph.  It is certainly an interesting read. This one is for adult BLOKES and CHICKS

3.  Handbag Heaven by Maggie Alderson, is a compilation of articles/ opinion pieces that the author has written for fashion magazines and newspapers.  I bought this one at the airport and chuckled for most of the flight.  Aimed at the CHICKS. 

4. Shoe Money by Maggie Alderson, is another compilation of Maggie’s.  I also bought this one at an airport and I can’t remember if Handbag Heaven or Shoe Money was first, but they are both great.  A bit of light hearted reading that can be dipped into wherever, whenever.  Aimed at the CHICKS. 
  5.  I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron is the first book of this kind that I read.  I became aware of Norah Ephron through her films and was so excited to find this book among the shelves at a local Borders (book) store.  I love how this book makes me feel like I’m reading letters from a best friend, rather than essays from a stranger.  It is easy going and funny with a touch of reality. Definitely aimed at CHICKS but I think it could be enjoyed by anyone. 

6.  Scribble Scribble Notes on the Media by Nora Ephron was first published in 1978 and is now available in a combined volume with Crazy Salad (see below).  This one is for BLOKES and CHICKS.
7.  Crazy Salad Some things about Women by Nora Ephron is difficult to purchase as a single volume.  This one is a collection of articles that Nora wrote during the 1970’s and is an interesting read about the feminist movement.  Written for both BLOKES and CHICKS.
8.  Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes also has the lovely, ‘letter from your bestie” mood, which makes for an easy read and quite a bit of stifled giggling.  It is noteworthy that I also bought this one at an airport. 

9.  Further Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes is another compilation but includes articles and essays about beauty, fashion, family and life in general.  As a special treat for the fiction fans, Marian has included all 9 of her short stories written mostly at the beginning of her writing career. 

   10. The Tales of Beedle the Bard  by JK Rowling.  No reading list would be complete without something from the World of Harry Potter. 

Happy Reading! :D

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