Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 things I learned about Reading

Considering it is Children's Book Week.... Learning how to read is an important process for becoming a proficient and functioning participant in today's society.  Blah, Blah, Blah. 

We all know it is important to read.  We all know that learning is important.  So, let's get down to business.

10 things I have learned about Reading

(These 10 things have been learned over the past 15 years, not the past week.)

1.   We learn to read at our own pace.
2.  Reading is a skill which includes deciphering letter symbols, giving meaning to words and sentences, understanding the hidden messages of text and pictures and gaining knowledge and/or enjoyment from it.
3.  Some people don’t understand the complicated nature of the skill set that we refer to as reading.
4.  If a learner does not experience the joy of reading early, they will struggle with the process and find it difficult. 
5.  Reading does not come quite so easily to others as it did to me.
6.  Teachers have a tough job “teaching” a child how to read, but Parents impact on their child’s reading/learning from the moment of birth.
7.  Reading becomes an automatic process for many of us and we easily forget how hard it is to learn.
8.  There is nothing more intimate than sharing a book with someone.
9.  We read whenever we interact with a creation of the human mind (whether it is written text, film, photography, drawing or a website).
10.  When it comes to “reading” I have much more to learn.  

I love reading and it is the avenue through which I relax, learn, laugh and explore.  Happy Book Week! 

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