Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 things I learned about Numeracy

  1. Numeracy goes hand in hand with Literacy.
  2. Whenever I represent numbers, compare or order numbers I am using numeracy skills.
  3. Reading a scale/ ruler/ map/recipe involves both literacy and numeracy skills.
  4. Numeracy has nothing to do with “being good” or “being bad” at math. 
  5. Numeracy doesn’t just happen in Mathematics classes but  in English, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Home Economics, Music, Health and Physical Education and every other school subject.
  6. Numeracy can be a whole lot of fun.
  7. Time is a difficult Numeracy concept to teach and reading an analogue clock is a dying art.
  8. Numeracy requires an understanding of “place value” and the concept of “number” and these are difficult to grasp. 
  9. Board games both, teach and provide opportunity for, students to practice numeracy skills.  
  10. Numeracy is Necessary. 
Happy Literacy and Numeracy Week 2012!

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