Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vocab in Verse

I was catching up on the blog reading today... as usual for Wednesday.  Free Technology for Teachers reminded me of a great you tube channel "Flocabulary" that produces rap videos. After you pick yourself up off the floor, I will explain.  The raps have educational value.  They are written with a view to educate on a specific topic.  There is one about the last 18 years of news (produced for US high school graduates this year).  There are some about maths concepts, science, history, Shakespeare and many others.  The focus is on expanding the vocabulary/ language of the concept for students.  The video below got my head nodding and brought one of those goofy (this is cool) smiles to my face.  Each video has a link to a transcript of the lyrics and lesson ideas.  

Nudge (a good friend of mine) truly dislikes the poetry portions of my blog.  The month of poetry really bugged her last year (mwa ha ha).  To Nudge I say, I can't help it sweetie, I'm an addict and you will just have to accept me as I am.  

For the teachers who pop in from time to time, I hate to disappoint you but if you want to view the entire collection of Flocabulary resources you need to register.  There are a number of videos and linked resources  available on the Flocabulary You Tube channel and  

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.  

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