Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Thanks to Mr Byrne at Free Technology 4 Teachers I discovered last night and I am very, very excited.

TWURDY is the best thing on the internet since PINTEREST is a bing powered search engine that colour codes search results according to readability.  This means that a year 5 teacher researching for a social studies topic can quickly see the webpages that are suitable for their students.  No more random clicking for hours on end, searching for sites that your students can read. 

Are you sharing my excitement yet?

Not only does Twurdy help to find suitable resources for the class, but it is also an excellent differentiation tool.  The gifted student (or more able reader) in your class can visit the websites with a higher reading age, while your strugglers can be directed to the easier pages. 

I can see this search engine saving teachers (and students) hours of research time.  I can see it becoming the favourite search engine in education.  It is just too good not to share.  I was so excited about this resource that I used capital letters in the email to my boss explaining this resource.  For once it was not because I was cranky. 

By the way, Twurdy is a  play on words coming from the question "too wordy?" which I think is quite clever.  Watch out Google... Twurdy is going to take over the world.

Happy Twurdying
:) M

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