Friday, March 16, 2012

Staff Meetings can be funny

I tend to get rather cranky at staff meetings.  This is usually related to the inappropriate comments that can be made by my colleagues during the meeting.  Sometimes it is related to the repetition of the same information that was presented to us at the last staff meeting.  However, on occasion, something amusing happens. 

The head of department for Special Education at our school started his segment by displaying an explanation of an audiograph.  This is basically a graph that is created during a hearing test.  It shows the frequency and volume of sound that each ear can hear.  We have four students at our school who have significant hearing impairment.  So the head of department displayed each of the students' audiographs on the screen, named each student and quickly explained them.  When he was finished, the music teacher said, with a tone of surprise, "those three kids are in my music class." 

We all chuckled and the meeting adjourned. 

M :)

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