Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pride is the mother of invention

Last week my boss decided to send out some information about literacy resources that are available at our school.  In his enthusiastic haste he missed the a typo in the subject heading of his email.  Instead of "resources" he typed "respouces".  A number of my fellow staff members found this rather amusing considering that he is the deputy for LITERACY.  Many of us let him know by replying with some kind of humerous retort referring to his spectacular typing skills. 

After enduring a day of teasing from my colleagues, my boss sent out the following email....

Definition (v): to respouce is the act of finding a literacy resource, deliberately spelled incorrectly, which will require staff who realise it is incorrect, to respond.
Example – “I saw the new literacy stuff and have respouced.”
Thanks to the number of staff (and there were a lot!!) who respouced.

I am up for a bit of silliness and so I decided to invent a new word of my own.  I sent the following to my boss on Friday afternoon. 

SUBJECT: Typlexia and Typodefine...
It seems that you are suffering from typlexia.  According to Urban Dictionary:

"Typlexia is a rare, incurable disease whose scientific name is 'kebordium typlexia'.
This devastating condition causes its sufferers to misspell and mistype words which they know perfectly well how to spell.
I too, have created a new word…
Typodefine: verb (pronounced tip-od-e-fine)  the act of defining a new word by creating a clumsy definition for a random and embarrassing typo.  
e.g. “respouse” instead of “resource” is “typodefined” as a deliberate attempt to call for response from staff who have viewed a literacy resource.  
Have a good weekend! :)

Apparently, it is easier to invent a new and unnecessary word than it is to simply admit you made a mistake.  Perhaps, necessity to save face is the true mother of invention. 

Have a giggle and move on!

:) M

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