Monday, January 9, 2012


Number 301: Come up with 10 good reasons why you shouldn't write your own life story.

Ten Reasons NOT to write your own life story

1. When you write it yourself, you are incredibly biased.
2. You cannot possibly describe the real you, as you can only describe who you think you are.
3. There is a great deal about your life, that even you don't know.
4. You have to live your life before you can write about it.
5. It will never be finished.
6. Privacy laws would require you to change everyone's name... Confusing.
7. No one would believe you.
8. Some things simply should not be written down.
9. It would take too long.
10. You don't know how it ends.

Personally, I think there are probably a hundred reasons not to write your own life story.  I am not sure how many of them are good reasons.  I think my list could be narrowed down to five really good reasons. 

What are the top 5 reasons for you?

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