Thursday, December 22, 2011

I said I would show you one day

Today, you get to see my "gift box" in action.  Sort of. 

The first two pictures show my gift wrapping essentials.  These are the main staples of my gift wrapping box.  Unfortunately my rolls of wrapping paper don't fit in any of my boxes so they are located in a different cupboard.  So here is the list of essentials:
  • pencil case with scissors and an assortment of pens
  • sticky tape (with dispenser)
  • spare rolls of sticky tape
  • gift tags (stickers and cards)
  • curling ribbon and bows (various colours and sizes)
  • blank birthday cards
  • blank cards with a range of colours and pictures
  • small thank you cards
  • Christmas cards
  • sympathy cards
  • wrapping paper (for all occasions as well as generic colours and patterns)
Remember the key to a good gift organising box is having everything in the same place and accounting for all occasions.  I use this box all year round.  There are specific Christmas items as well as all the other stuff. 

The pictures above show my plastic crate where everything goes.  Also, you can see some of the extra things that I keep in the crate as standby gifts.  Some of the gifts I purchased for specific people, but bought an extra one or two, just in case.  Perfect standby gifts (or items that are easy to purchase in bulk and store) include:
  • books (Dr Seuss is a favourite with the kids) that come in packs of four or five for $15-$20.  Keep an eye out for the specials.
  • monster hand tattoos (temporary tattoos for the kids, sort of like a hand puppet) are about $10 for a box of 8 and are available online.  These are perfect to buy in bulk to save on postage.
  • calendars, while these have a specific shelf life it is always good to buy an extra couple just in case there is someone you have forgotten.
  • bath gel or lotions.
  • stress balls (who doesn't need one of these)
  • slinkies (mini ones are cute and are great to bulk up a smaller kids gift)
  • small photo albums are especially good for new parents and even teachers.
  • some hidden cash, might just save the day if you need to purchase something at the last minute. 
I was talking to the BFF yesterday and said that it is too late to show off Christmas ideas and wrapping, as the organised people should be done by now.  I know I am.  But, you can set up a gift box anytime of year.  It is not necessary to fill it immediately, but as you find things pick them up and store them somewhere safe. 

Another important tip: make sure to clean out your box at least once a year.  Throw away any wrapping paper that is no longer pretty (or find another use for it).  Check use by dates on lotions or other perishables.  Make sure items are not broken.  Try to keep it tidy and neat (easier said than done) so that you are not caught in a gift crisis and find that your box is filled with useless bits of paper, broken trinkets or no sticky tape.  Oh the Horror.

Only a few days until Christmas. 

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