Friday, December 9, 2011


Today it's my birthday!  I am 28.  There are some wonderful things about a birthday so close to Christmas.  There are also some not so wonderful things about a Christmas birthday.  However, there are plenty of people who have it worse than me.  For example: my aunty and my BFF were both born on Christmas Eve.  It wasn't the same Christmas Eve obviously. 

I decided that today I was not going to do anything that I didn't want to do.  Just for today anyway.  But even that doesn't quite work.  I have work stuff bouncing about in my head.  I don't want to think about work... I am not at work.  I am on holidays.  So whenever work stuff gets into my head I get rather ticked off.  But then I think about something else... like I'm on holidays!  or It's my birthday! 

I am having a lovely day!  I have had some calls from friends and family which has been great.    I have been reflecting a bit on the past year and I will share about that another day.

Sigh... holidays. 


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